About the Books

Ivan Gets A Dream House

A Young Boy Dreams Beyond His Circumstances

On a cold Christmas night Ivan awakes and discovers his family’s house is on fire!

Now homeless, the family eventually finds shelter but they must flee to a nearby church for safety from gang wars and drugs. After living in crowded places for some time, Ivan dreams of a home for himself, his younger brother and his mother; a home where he can have his own stand for his toothbrush.

In the next three years Ivan and his family struggle to realize his dream until unexpected events happen that will change their lives forever. But will these changes help or hinder Ivan’s dream?

"The author allows people to see the humanistic side of poverty and homelessness". - Audrey Lassiter

Autism Inspires!

Hope as a Mother's Savior

In this book, I share personal stories about some of the many children that I have taught over the years. Included are coping skills and activities in the stories that all parents can use and share.

You can also explore the compre-hensive resource materials that will be beneficial in your daily interactions with your child.

My hope is that parents will find humor, comfort and solace in these stories and look beyond the disabilities and see the child for his uniqueness and his abilities.

I hope too that this book will promote greater tolerance, acceptance and inclusion for children with autism, and for all children no matter their disability.

- By Lena McCalla Njee